Some important facts you must know as a Messianic Believer

  1. A believers are placed in a new and significant relationship to Yeshua (Jesus in Greek terms), the "chief cornerstone".
  2. They are members of a "chosen generation," i.e., an elect race.
  3. All believers are "priests," a word indicative of privilege in access to G_d but also of ministry to others in Messiah's name. This priesthood is a royal priesthood as a result of the relationship of Sonship which the believer possesses.
  4. As a member of an elect race, the believer is also a part of a "holy nation."
  5. The designation "special people" may be rendered more literally, "a people to be around," stressing that G_d's people are a possession of G_d Himself.
  6. The function of this believing community is to "proclaim the praises" of G_d. The doctrine of the priesthood of all believers is a significant Brit Hadashah (NT) revelation. The old Covenant featured a Levitical priesthood, offering sacrifices for the people, interceding with G_d in their behalf, and on the Day of Atonement entering before G_d with sacrificial blood for the people. The new Covenant makes each believer a royal priest.

If you have made this decision to received the Messiah Yeshua into your life, for the Jew you are a complete Jew contact the Messianic synagogue nearest to you, we quite a number of Messianic Jew site in which you could keep in touch with. While for the non-Jews (Gentile) you are new born again Messianic Believer (Christian) we suggest you locate a Bible believing Asemblies that follows New Testament Principle teaching to help you to grow in the Lord. Do not doubt G_d's Word, beware not to add or take away God's Word trust and obey the Word (logos) of G_d all the days of your life. G-d will bless you as you seek to grow in the knowledge of the Messiah!