God's immediate Judgement upon Mankind

Adam and Eve had disobeyed God. G_d is HOLY (Kodesh) and God is RIGHTEOUS. Sin cannot be in the presence of G_d. Read Genesis 3:14-19 God called out Adam and Eve before Him. Then He pronounced His Judgement upon them.

To the Serpent

Friends there is Tikvah (hope)

"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." (Gen 3:15 KJV)

The promised Seed came into the world - the Savior, son of Avraham, out of the house of David, born of a pure virgin - Yeshua ha-Mashiah - Jesus Christ. Through His death on the Calvary Cross God put to an end all the first creation that became totally corrupted by sin. In Him, through His resurrection from the dead God created a new man - the one that has the very life of God and not just His image. Yeshua was born on the earth as a man and like Adam encountered temptations from satan. Yet the Lord did no sin. He did all the will of the heavenly Father and agreed even to suffer the shameful death on the cross.

Therefore, as all the humankind became sinful through the disobedience of one man - the first Adam, - so all of us receive justification before God through the obedience of Yeshua ha-Mashiah. The genealogy of Jesus Christ is the last genealogy mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. And this is not just by chance. The first genealogy is the one of Adam - you can read it in the fifth chapter of Genesis. It lists all his sons and reaches the days of Noah. In the following chapters Noah's genealogy is given, then the genealogy of his sons, then goes Abraham, Yizhak and Ya'akov's genealogy. The thread of genealogies reaches David the King and goes on to the Babylonian captivity and Zerubabel at his return back to the Land. After about 500 years of silence the genealogy comes to the birth of Yeshua ha-Mashiah. At this point Adam's genealogy ends. Jesus came up to the cross and with His death put an end to the existence of the sinful humankind!

In Yeshua there was no sin, and death was unable to hold Him. When God raised Him back to life, He made Him the Firstborn of the new creation - new humankind that is able to live the life of obedience to God. Through Messiah Yeshua, God spread His life and thus acquired in Him many sons and daughters (Born again believers). You can see that the initial plan of God was fulfilled in Yeshua Ha-Mashiah. Through Him God poured His Spirit upon all flesh, so that every believer could receive this new life and the anointing of the Ruah HaKodesh.


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