Magein avot bidívaro

Míchayei meitim bíma-amaro

Ha-eil hakadosh she-ein kamohu

Hameini-ach líamo bíyom shabbat kodsho

Ki vam ratza líhani-ach lahem

Lífanav na-avod bíyir-a vafachad

Vínodeh lishímo bíchol yom tamid

Mei-ein (mei-on) habrachot

Eil hahoda-ot Adon hashalom

Míkadeish hashabbat

Umívareich shívi-i

Umeini-ach bikdusha líam mídushnei oneg Zeicher líma-asei víreisheet

A shield to our forefathers is always G-dís Word. The Word is giving life to the dead

in His utterance. The Holy G-d our King is incomparable, who grants rest to Israel

through the Holy Shabbat, and is pleased to grant them rest. Before Him we shall

serve in fear and reverence, and we shall give thanks to His Name every day

continually with appropriate blessings. G-d who merits thanks, Master of peace,

who hallows the Shabbat, and blesses the seventh day, and who gives rest in

holiness to people full of delight, in the memory of the Creation.