is the prayer recite on the actual slaughting Sacrifice take place.


N’kadeish et shimcha baolam,k'shem shemakdishim oto bish'mei marom, kakatuv

al yad n’vi-echa, v'kara zeh el zeh v’amar

Let us sanctify Your Name on earth, as it is sanctified in the heavens above. As it is

written by Your prophet


Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh HASHEM (ADONAI) tz'vaot, m'lo chol haaretz k’vodo

Holy, holy, holy is HASHEM (ADONAI) Tz'vaot! G-d’s presence fills the whole earth. (Yeshayahu 6:3; Revelation 4:8)


Adir adireinu, HASHEM (ADONAI) Adoneinu, mah adir shimcha b'chol haaretz

Source of strength, Sovereign One, how majestic is Your presence in all the earth


Baruch k'vod HASHEM (ADONAI) mimkomo

Blessed is the presence of HASHEM (ADONAI), shining fourth from where G-d



Echad hu Eloheinu, hu Avinu, hu Malkeinu, hu Moshieinu, v'hu yashmieinu

b'rachamav l'einei kol chai. Ani HASHEM (ADONAI) Eloheichem

One in unity is our G-d and our Creator, our Ruler and our Helper; and in mercy,

G-d is revealed in the sight of all the living. I am HASHEM (ADONAI) your G-d


Yimloch HASHEM (ADONAI) l'olam, Elohayich Tzion l'dor vador, hallelu-Yah

HASHEM (ADONAI) shall reign forever, your G-d, O Zion, from generation to

generation, hallelu-Yah


L'dor vador nagid gadlecha ul'neitzach n'tzachim k'dushat-cha nakdish,

v'shivchacha Eloheinu, mipinu lo yamush l'olam va-ed

To all generations we will declare Your greatness, and for all eternity proclaim Your

holiness. Your praise, O G-d, shall never depart from our lips


Baruch attah, HASHEM (ADONAI), Ha-El hakadosh

Blessed are You, HASHEM (ADONAI), the Holy G-d