Ein kamocha va’Elohim HASHEM (ADONAI), v’ein k’ma’asecha. Malchutecha

malchut kol olamim umemshaltecha b’chol dor vador. HASHEM (ADONAI) Melech,

HASHEM (ADONAI) Malach, HASHEM (ADONAI) Yimloch l’olam va’ed. HASHEM

(ADONAI) oz l’amo yitein, HASHEM (ADONAI) y’vareich etamo vashalom. Av

harachamim, heitivah virtzoncha et Tziyon, tivneh chomot Y’rushalayim. Ki v’cha

l’vad batachnu, Melech El ram v’nisa, Adon olamim.

There are none among the gods like you HASHEM (ADONAI), and there are no

deeds like Yours. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion

endures throughout the generations. HASHEM (ADONAI) rules! HASHEM

(ADONAI) has ruled! HASHEM (ADONAI) will rule forever and ever. HASHEM

(ADONAI) will give strength to His people, HASHEM (ADONAI) will bless His

people with peace. Source of mercy, bestow Your favor upon Zion. Rebuild the

walls of Jerusalem. For in You alone we trust, G-d and Ruler, high and exalted,

Master of all the world.

Torah Scrolls are removed from the ark and are held facing the congregation. In this

procession we pay attention to the Torah, the written Word of G-d, knowing that it is

representation of the living Word, YESHUA, dwelling among us.

As the Torah passes by, a traditional custom is to kiss the Torah by placing a Tallit

corner, Siddur, Bible, or even hand on the cover of the Torah, and then kissing that

which we used to touch the Torah.