ADON OLAM (Master of the Universe) אֲדוֹן עוֹלָם

The author was unknown, But most people believe it was written by Rabbi Shlomo Even Gvirol from Spain, a Serphardic Jew in 1022-1068. In the Sephardic nusach there are two additional lines. Not in the Ashkenazic nusach. These last 2 lines are the keys.

This prayer is about the geulah (redemption); resurrection of us. Our confidence in HaShem and the future resurrection in our King Mashiach.

The Sages Rabbi explain that when this prayer is utter, hasatan will not come to distract us from the prayers, - Rosh Shana and Yom Kippur

- Morning prayer, preferred Night when our soul asleep have a confident that Hashem will resurrect us the next day

- as in the coporate resurrection the temple be restore

אֲדוֹן עוֹלָם אֲשֶׁר מָלַךְ  בְּטֶרֶם כָּל יְצִיר נִבְרָא

Adon olam, asher malach, b'terem kol y'tzir nivra.

לְעֵת נַעֲשָׂה בְחֶפְצוֹ כֹּל   אֲזַי מֶלֶךְ שְׁמוֹ נִקְרָא

L'et na'asah v'cheftzo kol, azai melech sh'mo nikra.

וְאַחֲרֵי כִּכְלוֹת הַכֹּלוְאַחֲרֵי כִּכְלוֹת הַכֹּל  לְבַדּוֹ יִמְלוֹךְ נוֹרָא

V'acharey kichlot hakol,l'vado yimloch nora.

וְהוּא הָיָה וְהוּא הֹוֶה  וְהוּא יִהְיֶה בְּתִפְאָרָה

V'hu haya, v'hu hoveh, v'hu yih'yeh b'tifara.

וְהוּא אֶחָד וְאֵין שֵׁנִיוְהוּא אֶחָד וְאֵין שֵׁנִי  לְהַמְשִׁיל לוֹ לְהַחְבִּירָה

V'hu echad, v'eyn sheni l'hamshil lo, l'hachbira.

בְּלִי רֵאשִׁית בְּלִי תַכְלִיתבְּלִי רֵאשִׁית בְּלִי תַכְלִית  וְלוֹ הָעֹז וְהַמִּשְׂרָה

B'li reishit, b'li tachlit, v'lo ha'oz v'hamisrah.

וְהוּא אֵלִי וְחַי גּוֹאֲלִי  וְצוּר חֶבְלִי בְּעֵת צָרָה

V'hu Eli, v'chai go'ali, v'tzur chevli b'et tzarah.

וְהוּא נִסִּי וּמָנוֹס לִי  מְנָת כּוֹסִי בְּיוֹם אֶקְרָא

V'hu nisi umanos li, m'nat kosi b'yom ekra.

בְּיָדוֹ אַפְקִיד רוּחִי  בְּעֵת אִישָׁן וְאָעִירָה

B'yado afkid ruchi b'et ishan v'a'irah.

וְעִם רוּחִי גְוִיָּתִי  אֲדֹנָי לִי וְלֹא אִירָא

V'im ruchi g'viyati, HASHEM (ADONAI) li v'lo ira

B'mikdasho tagel naphsi, meshicheinu yishlach meira

V'az nashir b'veit kodshi, amen amen shem ha'nora

Master of the universe who reigned before anything was created.

When all was made by His will, He was acknowledged as King.

And when all shall end, He still all alone shall reign.

He  was, He is  and He shall be in glory.

And He is One, and there's no other, to compare or join Him.

Without beginning, without end and to Him belongs dominion and power.

Without any imagination, without change.

Unbreakable, indistinguishable His greatness and His Strength.

And He is my G-d, my living G-d to Him I flee in time of grief.

And He is my miracle and my refuge, the Portion of my cup who answers the day I shall call.

To Him I commit my spirit, in the time of sleep and awakening, even if my spirit

leaves, HaShem (Adonai) is with me, I shall not fear.

In His Temple my spirit will rejoice, may our Messiah will be sent quickly

And in then, we will sing in the Temple, amen amen His awesome Name.

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