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zhu jiong peng an Shu ho li, peng an Shu ho li

je ng xi sei kai lung ae hiao, li duet wat kou zhu

li ae sim lai ng dang u siu, yah ng dang kia hia

zhu bei jiong peng an shu ho li, peng an shu ho li

xiong Dei tia ai sei kai lung, kiu wun shu ho li

Yi si king nang ae kiu zhu, Lung ae xing kou Yi

Li na sim lai wu u siu, en dang hiong zhu kiu

zhu bei jiong peng an shu ho li, Peng an shu ho li


Lord will give his peace to you, this is not the world knows, You must depend on the Lord
If your heart are trouble, have no fear, the Lord will give you His peace,
God so love the world, saving grace He gave you, He is all able Saving Lord, all mankind must trust Him
You that have heart trouble, must go to the Lord's help. The Lord will give you His peace.

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